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All Complete Plant is imported from Italy. Italian Technical person monitor our production quality all European quality standard are followed to make our tubes and pipes Raw material is also mainly imported from famous European coils producing companies.

Ghalib International started manufacturing stainless steel tubes and pipes in 2005 one of the first company's to develop longitudinal welding technology in a market dominated, up to that point in time, by seamless tube. The idea was correct, as far more than decade years Ghalib international have held a leading role in the welded stainless steel piping sector.

Ghalib International can offer a wide range of welded stainless steel tubes and pipes complimented by a full range of stainless steel and special alloy fittings.

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Manufacture Of STAINLESS STEEL Welded Tubes, Pipes & Fittings Italian Passsion for Tube Technology.


The Ghalib international Stainless Steel Division has develped advanced methods for the manufacture of pipes and fittings with.

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These type of tubes are manufactured exclusively from stainless steel cold-rolled, heat-treated strip (finished grade 2B) and the.

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The Ghalib International Stainless Steel Division can offer a complete and wide range of tubes & pipes highly resistant to gas and fluid .

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GHALIB International Importers, Indenters, Manufacturers, Fabricators & General Order Suppliers of S.S Materials. .