Quality System & Finishing

Quality System

Test Facilities

Non Destructive Testing Method:

  • Eddy current test according to SEP 1914, Sep 1925, ASTM A 1016, ASTM A 999, EN 10246

  • Radiographic examination according to ASME VIII & UW-51, EN 1435 executed with film recording media

  • Radiographic examination according to ASME VIII & UW-51 executed with digital image acquisition system

  • Visual examination

  • Liquid penetration test according to ASTME 165 type II method A

  • Hydrostatic test

  • Pneumatic test

  • Ultrasonic test

  • P.M.I

Products Details

Laboratory Equipped for:

  • Mechanical and technological test

  • Mechanical test at high temperature

  • Hardness test

  • Micro hardness test

  • Impact test at low temperature and at environmental temperature

  • Corrosion test according to ASTM A 262 practice A, B, C, D, E

  • Corrosion test according to ASTM G 48 practice A, B

  • Corrosion test according to EN ISO 3651/2 A

  • Macrographic and micrographic examinations

  • Measure of ferrite content



Execution, dimensional tolerances and marking are made in accordance with the above mentioned international standards. With regard to the surface finishing, on customer’s request, we can offer:




Polished grit 180-220-320-400-500

Inside polished

Mirror polished

The stainless steel pipes are longitudinally welded on a continuous cycle profiling line having GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) or LBW (Laser Beam Welding), or for thicker tubes, PAW (Plasma Arc Welding) and filled metal can be added during the process..