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Stainless Steel Welded Tubes, Pipes & Fittings Italian Passion for Tube Technology

About Ghalib Group International

Ghalib International started manufacturing stainless steel tubes and pipes in 2005 one of the first company's to develop longitudinal welding technology in a market dominated,

Up to that point in time, by seamless tube. The idea was correct, as far more than decade years Ghalib International have held a leading role in the welded stainless steel piping sector.

Ghalib International can offer a wide range of welded stainless steel tubes and pipes complimented by a full range of stainless steel and special alloy fittings.

Ghalib International is today appreciated for the high quality of its products, predominantly for medium and high grade applications. The main sectors are food & diary, pulp & paper, chemical & petrochemical, power and heat-exchangers where we can offer either welded stainless steel.

Tubes pipes and fittings are highly corrosion resistant and are distributed by a dynamic and efficient sales & marketing department, boht nationally and in all major international markets. Large warehouses of raw materials and finished products (welded stainless steel tubes, pipes and fittings) ensure rapid service and compliance with delivery deadlines.

Close co-opertion amongst the units enables Ghalib International to present itself to the market as a flexible nd reliable partner capable of meeting the widest variety of customers' requirements in terms of products, size range and technical specifications

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